PC and Mac setup

computer repair service

Setting up new equipment is a daunting task to some people, while others may simply prefer to leave the task to someone else while they get on with their life or work. Whether it’s time or technology that concerns you, jps IT can help you set up your laptop or desktop computer.

  • Set up Apple Mac
  • Set up email
  • Set up desktop and laptop Windows PCs
  • Set up servers
  • Help with screen time and parental controls

We can set up Windows PCs and Macs, as well as all the associated networking, broadband, WiFi and software. We can also set up your email for you so that you can see it on any of your devices. We can help you to set up and run Google G-Suite from Gmail or Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

Computer training

Not only can jps IT help you with setting up your new computer and the software, but we can also provide training to help you get the best from your equipment. We will leave you with all the essential knowledge that you need to get the best from your system.

We can also help with the critical process of transferring files to new equipment and connecting devices such as printers and scanners.