IT support for business

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IT support for business in Hertfordshire

  • Set up commercial Wi-Fi
  • Set up commercial phone systems
  • Set up VoIP phone systems
  • Set up network printers
  • Security health checks for all computers
  • Data recovery
  • CAT5e and Category 6 data cabling
  • Network security set up and help
  • Computer security
  • Antivirus check
  • Set up new software
  • Set up servers
  • Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) and other NAS network storage

Every business needs IT to some degree and many could not operate without it. jps IT can provide the support that you need to keep things running smoothly. Even if you have good IT knowledge, you may well feel that you need to focus on running the business and that you need someone to take the IT load.

Why choose jps IT for IT support?

Whatever level of service you need, jps IT can provide it. We can assist you with setting up your IT or take the whole thing off your hands. We can provide regular maintenance or help with problems when they occur. Whatever works for you, we’re happy to do it.

There are no contracts or service agreements, so you don’t have to spend any money until you need to.

We are flexible and responsive and, like your doctor, we can prioritise emergencies so you get help quickly when you’re up against it.  We can also provide occasional health checks.

We work with clients in Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, Potten End, Berkhamsted and Tring and throughout Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties. We also help customers throughout the UK via remote access.

cables and router for business network

What does jps IT charge for IT support?

Our standard charge for businesses is £90 per hour, with a small discount for domestic customers, and a surcharge for out-of-hours work. We work fast and keep cost to a minimum. We know that satisfied customers come back, so we will always do our best for you.

How  jps IT can help your business thrive

Whether you need help setting up a complete IT system, or you want to expand your existing system, jps IT can help. Our skils  include computers (PC and Mac), servers, networks, broadband, Wi-Fi, telephones, VoIP (eg Skype), printers and scanners. We can make sure that correct security is in place and that backup systems are installed and working.

In the event of problems, we can diagnose hardware and software problems and fix them. We can deal with viruses and other malware and help you to stay safe online.

In short, we can make sure your IT is giving you the support that you need to run a profitable business.

Recovering from data loss

Data loss due to hardware or software problems can be frustrating and worrying, but often it can be recovered and jps IT has the tools to do this. As with many technical problems, if you have trouble of this kind, the sooner you contact us the better.

Computer maintenance

Regular maintenance goes a long way to preventing problems such as data loss. Ask us how we can help.