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Are you tired of unreliable broadband slowing down your business operations in Hemel Hempstead? Look no further! jps IT ltd is here to provide you with cutting-edge solutions to supercharge your internet connectivity. We specialise in Bonded Broadband and FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) services to ensure you have lightning-fast and dependable internet access.

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Experience high availability internet access

jps IT ltd is committed to providing you with a high availability internet access service. Our intelligent bonding and fall-back solutions ensure that your business is always connected, no matter the circumstances. Say goodbye to frustrating internet outages and hello to uninterrupted productivity.

Call us today to discover how jps IT ltd can transform your business with reliable, fast broadband solutions. We’re here to empower your success through cutting-edge technology and expert support.

Your trusted business IT support partner in Hemel Hempstead – jps IT ltd.

Bonded broadband

Double the speed, double the reliability

Normal broadband lines often struggle to meet the demands of today’s businesses. They were never designed to deliver the speed and reliability that modern enterprises require. However, at jps IT ltd, we have the solution – Bonded Broadband. 

Bonded Broadband works by combining two separate broadband lines into one, effectively doubling your speed and enhancing the reliability of your connection. This innovative technology allows your business to enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet without the cost of traditional leased lines or fibre Ethernet circuits.

FTTP (Fibre To The Premises)

The ultimate fibre solution

FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) is a state-of-the-art technology that delivers the fastest and most reliable internet connection possible. With FTTP from jps IT ltd, you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds and a stable connection that supports your business needs.

4G / 5G backup - protect your internet connection

At jps IT ltd, we understand that downtime is not an option for your business. That’s why we offer a robust 4G /5G backup solution that sets us apart from less-informed IT companies. While some IT providers may not be familiar with this technology, we know that it’s a game-changer.

Our 4G 5G backup ensures that even if your primary broadband connection experiences issues, your business stays online. It’s an added layer of protection that keeps your operations running smoothly, no matter what.

What is 4G / 5G backup?

Whether it’s due to a network failure or other technical difficulties, being without internet can be a major inconvenience, especially if you rely on it for work or other important activities. That’s where 4G / 5G backup comes in handy.

4G /5 G backup provides an added layer of protection for your internet connectivity by automatically switching to a 4G or 5G connection in the event that your main service fails. This means that you can enjoy uninterrupted access to the internet, even if your primary connection goes down.

If you value staying connected and need reliable internet service, talk to jps IT ltd about setting up a 4G /5G backup system.